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Platinum Sports Promotion – JAM Prospects PTY LTD – Review

January 10, 2013

some background before i begin:

  • the offered jobs  pay was 100% on commission of the donations you force out of people on the street.
  • Only 20% of the acquired donation makes it to the charity, the rest is split through the people in this some how legal pyramid scheme of a business.
This all begun as i was searching through for a marketing grad position. i came across platinum sports promotion, looking for young marketing grads. i added it to the apply list and sent of my resume. a day or two later i got a call asking if i was interested in an interview so i agreed to meet the next day at 8am at their CBD office space. when i got home i read up on the company and noticed the impressive 9 followers on facebook- this is suppose to be a marketing company and they cant even get 10 fucking followers…straight away i was suspect to say the least. so i attend the initial job interview she explains the job as a desk based marketing position where they represent sporting leagues like the AFL and Cricket Australia which i didnt believe at all, and she says come back tomorrow for a trial sort
of thing.
my alarm goes off and instantly im like fuck it im staying in bed, but i figured i would at least learn a thing or two so i get ready in my required business attire. I rock up late because i didn’t give a fuck at this stage, the job was obviously shit and way below what i deserve, and their is about 8 of us applicants waiting. Near us there is about 30 well dressed young tools chanting and listening to pump up music getting ready for their day at work (this was obviously a weekly routine done by all the staff on the day of the group interviews to make dumbfucks like the other 7 people sitting next to me think “man this place is cool, look at the energy and atmosphere” ) obviously it didn’t fool me and i am instantly more pissed off by the terrible loud music and surrounding of total fuckheads. so i go into a room where 2 guys collects me and another to take us out into the field.
you know those fucking retards that try to unethically force you into donations at shopping centers…this was them, and they were taking me out with them…all of 24 hours ago the fucking HR lady had assured me this wasnt the  exact job it was,  so fuck it im calling her out, jasmine your a lying bitch fuck you. if you think im being harsh just wait until i explain the business model of this scum corporation. so i head out with another applicant ‘angus’ and 2 of the staff members in there car. they explain what we would be doing for the day, and what they do on a 6 day  a week basis, in short its annoying shoppers and unethically forcing them to donate money to st
rategically selected charities. i am properly regretting my decision to not sleep in this morning as they expect me to stand on the side of a busy cafe strip approaching people and making them donate money.
the whole ride in the car to the location the 2 mentors told us about how much money there boss makes and how quick he moved up the ranks, and how they are so successful and how easy it is to make sooooo much money (they are attempting to brainwash us, and they literally fucking had angus, he was in love, he was amazed. he literally beleived every word they said, i obviously saw straight through the lies because i am a fucking genius) so we get there and they set up there faggy stall and instantly start annoying the fuc
k out of everyone. for the first hour i watched these brainwashed puppets get rejected no stop and it made me so happy. then i saw a someone i knew FML. they came over to say hello and instantly the 2 fuckheads start harassing her and trying to unethically force her to donate 30$, im trying to have a fucking conversation and these tools are cockblocking me proper. so im making eyes like DO NOT DONATE, RUN, and she gets it and leaves. so skip most of the day and they have explained to me the disgracefully unethical selling techniques they use to coax as much money out of people as possible (i already knew all of them, hell im unethical  but even i draw the line at lying straight to peoples faces about where the money their hard earned money is going).
THESE FUCKERS ALSO TAKE EFTPOS/VISA! that is how desperate they are.
and they regularly get donations of $250+ (only 50 of that makes it to the charity) . they get the person in, then that person is like oh fuck off, but to nice to say it so they are stuck, they then make them feel guilty and ask them to donate, the person is thinking like 5$ at this stage, anything to get them out of the situation, but then these scum lie and say $30 i
s the minimum donation (when $10 is, but 30 is 3 times the commission) i watched this poor 20 year girl showing all signs of discomfort sign her visa card details to them for a $3o dollar donation she so obviously did not want to do. each donation that is made only 20% of the donation actually goes to the charity the other 80% is distributed throughout this fucked up pyramid scheme with each person above you getting a 20% cut. by this stage i had seen enough and gave them my perspective (basically telling them to go fuck them selves and get a real job) and left. angus had been brainwashed and had become one of the scum.

finally these 2 retards taking us out explained to me how they make “soo much money, its awesome” so they gave me some rough figures and i honestly worked out they are both on about $12.2 an hour, with no bonus for overtime or saturday work, i told them this but these idiots where so brainwashed they didnt even care.

i believe the guy who runs the Perth side of this load of shit is named marek and i am calling him out too. get a real job and stop stealing hard earned money of these pensioners, students, parents. and to all the brainwashed fuckheads in this organization, who have been promised the world, trust me i know it all, you will waste 3 years of your life in a company like this. you will not progress like they promise, you will not make more then $15 an hour, and you will not be able to travel the world. you honestly wont believe how brainwashed these people become until you see it for your selves. i would highly recommend going and doing the trial day with these companies as you will learn a lot.

my final note is this – there 2012 goal was to raise $30 million for the s

pecial Olympics foundation nationwide (there are probably 10 of these “businesses” like platinum sports and JAM prospects running through the APPCO group nationwide which worked towards this goal). in order for the special Olympics to receive this donation of $30million,  $150 million dollars have to be taken of the streets, through face to face donations. Yes $150 million dollars. $150 million taken of people like you, our parents, grandparents etc. $120million of the $150 million would of lined the pockets of hundreds of these fucking scum across the country and the globe (Appco group is international). so i re-iterate if these losers approach you on the street, at your business premises or at a shopping center, ask if they receive a commission (they are legally obliged to tell you) and if they do tell them to get on their knee’s and suck your dick.

*any one working on a donations based job should be paid

an hourly wage due to a conflict of interest, which ALWAYS leads to unethical selling.

i’ve made a work for these type of scum companies ‘scumponies’

if anyone reading this has had an experience with this business i would love to here from you, and here your experience.

– thelazycommercegenius

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below is a picture of a typical set up by these poor cunts

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  2. Generation Marketing Is A Scam permalink

    I had a similar experience when I applied for Generation Marketing back in late 2014 when I was still a uni student and desperately looking for a new job. The advertisement on SEEK mentions “48 hours until applications will be closed”. Noticing the time at which I applied, I knew I was over the deadline but applied anyway. I looked at Generation Marketing previous advertisements and all were quite similar. The same old bubbly generic description. This was definitely a red flag. Ironically, a few weeks later, they post up the same type of advert “48 hours until applications will be closed”.

    The next day I received a phone call at around 7:00pm, which was strangely odd, as I thought business hours were typically 8am-5pm. I get invited for the interview next day and was sitting in line with 4 other people. The interview was conducted by Jenny Lam, the managing director. Interview was easy. All went well, now it was time for me to start my first day.

    On the first day, I was assigned to head to the “field”, which in actual fact was a Star Mart Petrol Station. Since I drove my car to the office, I was required to drive 3 other blokes that I have never met before…what on earth was I thinking? Each passenger is required to give $5 to the driver however I only received about 2 payments out of more than 10 passenger rides. When you would follow them up they would say “Ahhh I’ll get you next week or I’ll shout you a drink”. I never got my payment nor did I get a drink.

    During the car ride I would ask them questions about the role and what struck me the most was when I asked about the salary, particularly the hourly wage. That’s when I could tell they stumbled a little bit, as if they were trying to hide something from me. They were jumping around the question and their responses were quite vague until but one of the workers mentioned that he made $60/h in total (yep sure mate).

    At the petrol station, your job was to approach the car driver who were filling up their cars, provide them with a demonstration with your FW1 Car Wax, and if they’re interested they will come out to buy your products. In your shabby fold up table, you would sell products like cleaning wax, oils, cloths and etc. I can’t remember what the price was but it was something like 3 cans for $30 when in actual fact the cans are about $5 each. Maybe chuck in a few extra cloths “for free” when really, you’ve just overcharged the customer and using the “free cloths” as a lure to purchase the whole package. The managers teach you how to word your spiel and they’re quite sly about it. Not to mention how pestering they can be especially at shops when they actually follow you to your car and guilt trip you to buy the product. What’s worse is when the sales people target old ladies or mums that think they’re buying this product at a cheap price.

    I did this for about 3 days. The 4th and 5th days were door sales. Again, since I drove, I had to take two other blokes that I have never met before. There was an “Angus” bloke who told me he dropped out of high school in year 10. I asked him why he stayed with the company for so long. Obviously being brainwashed by the company his response was “there is so much potential in this job…after 2 weeks I was promoted to being a team leader”. Generation Marketing got you good.

    Door sales were the worse especially in summer heats of 30+ degrees. No one likes a door salesman…Most of the times people were uninterested and closed the door on your straight away. Another dodgey thing was when people would want to purchase your products on card. You would have to write out their credit card number on a tacky yellow booklet!

    As a starter, you would receive a $400 payment at the end of the week. However, with the amount of hours put in during the week, it equates to about $10/h. After that you would have to work on commission. Essentially 30% of your sales is your pay for the day. The highest sale I saw during my induction was $500. Which meant that they got paid $150 for a day’s work, which equates to roughly $19/h. But ultimately, on average staff would typically sell $100 – $200, which equates to $30 – $60 from a days full of work. This is the reality of the role.

    During the time I was working with the company, they had hired 5 new recruits and equally, 5 recruits had left. I bailed on that company however I still feel humiliated that I worked for such a deceptive, shabby and unethical organisation.

    You’d think that since they’re getting paid so much they would afford decent cars and clothing but nope, they drive shitboxes and wear over sized shirts and trousers. You’re pretty much working with low life dropkicks that are brainwashed by an organisation and think they can make a fortune by ripping off good Samaritans.

    The comments in this blog are pretty much spot on. They hire high school dropouts, vulnerable job seeking uni students and backpackers (who don’t even have a car). Not to mention the job market in Perth is horrendous at the moment, therefore people are snatching anything they can get.

    If you do your research of Generation Marketing, all the 5-star ratings on Google are from employees of the company. It’s not hard to tell. And I highly doubt their 2500 likes on FB is actually legitimate. Also I found this video of Jenny Lam denying her company being a pyramid scheme! What a joke!

    Avoid any marketing groups under APPCO at all costs. Some have already been mentioned in this thread.

    – Joined Generation Marketing (apart of Appco). Managing Director – Jenny Lam.
    – Commission based salary. On average staff usually make $30 – $60 per day. Sometimes less…
    – Being an annoying door to door salesperson
    – All applicants that I applied with left the job the next week. New batch of applicants joined as we left.

  3. Taylor permalink

    My story is slightly worse and better than this! I moved over to perth from New Zealand as soon as i graduated from High School! I immediately started applying for work. I got a call from BMJ Global (no shit) less than 2 hours since i applyed for othe job. So i was excited, my uncle gave me a breif warning about the maketing market, but i thought nothing of it. I did at this point think this job was slightly odd, seeing as my previous work history was all Labouring and now im sitting in an office with a blue dress shirt on. I went to my two interviews, and half a day later I get a call from the receptionist telling me too come do my first day! At this point i was pretty brainwashed, i legit thought i could make some serious money. So straight after my first day, I get forced into going on a road trip, I tried to say no, but the manager insisted as it would improve my sale skills! This would be okay, but on top of this I was again talked into taking my own car (being 18 and being persuaded easily)! So i went and did my first week. It started off really good and by the end of it, I wanted to committ suicide. I made roughly $600 my first week working, obviously minus maybe $100 in fuel money as I wasnt reimbursed (even though i transported 4 people there and back). At this time i was applying for more work, because i slowly figured out how much of a joke this company was, none the less I went and did another week work because lets face it I had nothing better to do. this second week I made roughly $240 for a full 6 day week work 9-10 hours a day. In my interview I asked specifically if we made no sales will we still get paid? I was then told that YES, I would still make a base week wage of $400, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! I then was again forced to go on another road trip with my car, pretty much didnt have an option, it was that or im fired (needing money, and haivng a good work ethic, I thought why not)! So i rock up on monday and a small group of 4 come with me for a 4 hour drive, led by the team leader, a half aboriganal brainwashed fuckhead. So there was me the team leader another sales girl, and this brand new girl hannah who only finished her interview yesterday! So we arrived and set up our stalls, and the first day was absolutely cancer, I pretty much realised this was all just a scam in a couple of hours and just thought FUCK IT. So I was like im going home, I made up some bullshit excuse and the team leader trys to guilt trip me, saying i will be cancelling the whole trip, and it was his first time leading the trip and blah blah blah! The guy was a cunt so i didnt give a fuck. Any way the team leader tells me I have to explain this to the boss Ben Johnston, the biggest tool of them all. So knowing that I was quitting I didnt give a fuck and just told the cunt im going home tonight, if they want to catch a 4 hour bus ride on friday to go for it! So i then had the most awkward trip back to perth, but i rolled up to the office let everyone out and fucked off! They then thought this was the end of it. I then had my older brother and cousin (BMJ didnt know who they were, just two big guys straight out of the gym) to go into the office and argue for my money (both physically treatening) and i shortly recieved an email from ben saying..

    Hi taylor/Stefan
     Cheryl brought to my attention a few issues that have occurred during your time in the office and I just wanted to clear things up
     Firstly, it seems that things have been misunderstood in regards to commissions and incentives. Each contractor receives a 20 % commission plus incentives when targets are hit and is responsible for their own accommodation and transport.
     Cheryl also mentioned that you felt you were mistreated during some difficult family times and for that we would like to formally apologise.
     Although we have the appropriate sign offs in place in regards to your earnings, you will be receiving a $400 incentive into your earnings on top of your commissions that you did for the week as I can appreciate it may come to a bit of a shock to you if you didn’t completely understand how the earnings worked.  We will NOT be charging you for roadtrip accommodation in Esperance.
     Also if you require a reference for future opportunities/ employment we are more than happy to help you with that.
     If you have any other enquiries feel free to contact helen on the number provided below
     Kind Regards,
     Ben Johnston
    Managing Director

    So this was obviously a good sign and a got a bit of money out of them, but i decided to push my luck. So i wrote an email (in the words of of my cousin, because he had was the one who went in yelling/arguing) responed with..

    Hi Ben,
    Now I can understand that you have made a small attempt to correct your wrongs towards Taylor , however we have yet to meet an outcome in which will satisfy both parties, this then brings me to this email where I would like to address some key points which have begun to effect both your business and Taylor personally.
    Firstly I would like to bring to your attention that in your previous email you stated that Taylor will be receiving a $400 incentive into his earnings on top of his commissions that he did for the week. Taylor made $600 roughly for his last three days working for BMJ Global, this would mean he would make a commission of $120 AUD, and get paid $520, however this did not happen Taylor received $400 as his weeks pay, now I can understand that this may have been a mistake and that you will correct this. Secondly Taylor has received a total of $1039 where as we have already discussed he should of been given a minimum of $400 p/w for the three full weeks that he has worked with you.
    Thirdly Taylor was told when he took his personal vehicle on both road trips to Essperence and to Bunbury that as the driver he would NOT have to contribute towards the fuel costs, however in total Taylor has spent $200 towards the costs of petrol, which was not refunded by any of the employees using his car. I understand that this is not your fault, but after asking both leaders and individual contractors to contribute more than once towards the cost, I do believe that it should come down to you.
    My last point that i would like to bring to your attention is the disrespect that your team has shown towards Taylors vehicle, even after he had have told the LEADERS not to smoke in his car and it continues to happen I believe the managing director should step in to cover the mistakes of his ‘team’.
    Furthermore I believe that you will do what is necessary to resolve this situation, such as paying a further incentive and putting place procedures to prevent this from happening again. If this has not been sorted by Thursday the 19th I will be coming into the office to talk to you personally.

    This then got another response from Ben..

    Hi taylor and Stefan
     Firstly I wanted to thank you guys for bringing the lack of respect from the leaders to my attention. We will put in the necessary processes for future business practices.
     In regards to the extra incentives that were suppost to be paid you are in fact correct, this was a mistake made by our administration.
     Taylor did $410 in last last 2 days (didn’t work the Wednesday) so he will be paid an extra incentive of $82 dollars
     In regards to the rest yes we did agree that he should receive a minimum of $400 per week and was paid 1039. This leaves a shortfall of $161 which he will be paid
     In regards to the $200 in fuel, although this is taylors expense and he can claim it all 100% on tax, Im prepared to cover it for the lack of respect on the vehicle
     This will leave a total payment of $443
     I hope you can both see that I have been fair and reasonable in this situation and that this issue has been resolved 
    All the best
     Kind Regards,
     Ben Johnston
    Managing Director

    Even after being paid all this money back to me, I was still not overly pleased with the company, and i encourage anyone who has had problems with these companys to take it into their own hands, as I hihgly doubt they would try too get the police or fair work envolved becasue they would most definately lose. Thank You for reading -Taylor.

    • Steven permalink

      I know Cheryl big titted blonde look up Cheryl
      Logan on fb

      Her husband actually former husband ran Taylormade sports until he got the arse for being a drug fucked idiot and she left him and he went back to qld

  4. steven pitcher permalink

    I worked for a cobra group/ appco group company back in 2008 called Taylormade sports/ Edge marketing concepts they are the slimiest bunch of cunts out there and they will do anything for a buck. Taylormade used to be at 102 Beaufort Street until the “owner” Peter Taylor got the arse and his HR receptionist wife Cheryl Logan split up with him

    all a mob of bullshit artists and scammers cant believe they do their shit advertisements through seek which im surprised they haven’t taken them off due to misleading advertising

    I have uploaded a video on youtube to show what they are actually like in particular the owner of the now closed Edge Marketing Concepts

    • Gordon Neville permalink

      Steven pitcher, are you a fat 4 eyed mother fucker who looks like a gorilla fucked a retarded sloth? Hahahhahahha

      • Some cunt permalink

        No but are you a monkey that’s not long out the forest

        • Gordon Neville permalink

          Nice come back faggot! Fat piece of shit

          • Anonymous permalink

            Leave him alone arsehole otherwise I will come and find you and break your fucking kneecaps cunt

  5. I noticed someone registered for a decent period,
    is that to help with search engine optimisation?
    Platinum Sports Promotion – JAM Prospects PTY LTD – The newest addition to my RSS feed!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Dude I went in for an interview yesterday at JAM prospects and then came in for a observation day today and as we were driving to Mirrabooka (not sure about the spelling because I’m new to Perth) they were taking about a guy called ‘Angus’ and thought it was funny asf because I read the first review thing Lazycommercegenius wrote.
    They were telling me about all the great earnings and shit they had made and how they had only been working there for 3 weeks and already become a ‘team leaders’ in they’re bogus fucking pyramid business scheme.
    Seeing as all these comments are dated my interview happened in 2016 where they are still scamming people in low socio economic areas where they can’t afford to be paying some low life that is amounting to nothing wages.
    As I got an uber back from the site, yes they bought me an uber to take me back to the office, I’ll repeat that, A FUCKING UBER (they were only going to get me an uber to the train station, so thank god for that) but honestly how petty of a company.
    I do feel bad for the receptionist because she does seem like a nice lady that has been brainwashed into becoming a zombie. So after I got back into the office I sat down to fill out a feedback sheet and was sitting and talking to a very anxious young lady as she was about to have an interview for new mount sports as I was telling her like this isn’t the place you want to work, they’re the cunts that annoy people and try and scam underage kids into donating their pocket money to these scumbag’s bank accounts
    It’s all fake from the jumping about like fucking apes in the morning to the business attire they were wearing-did I mention when we were ‘in the field’ the ‘team leaders’ got changed from they’re business attire to leggings and oversized shirts from each charity to running shoes.
    As I’ve gotten home I want to thank everyone for a good laugh through your comments really made my day after being quite disturbed from the observation day.

  7. Mark permalink

    Would Black Swan Marketing be part of this scam (I actually straight up got rejected during the interview though due to hours at uni)? They’re situated in the same building as Intune Marketing and fundraise for charities.

  8. I went for one of these jobs a couple of years ago. I was unemployed and bulk applying for jobs and at the time would’ve gone for anything, I was desperate. When I got a call from a “Sports Marketing” company it sounded too good to be true but I was willing to give it a shot.

    I got dressed up in business attire for my interview and caught the bus in, the building they were situated in was a nondescript building with no signage, company logos, anything. They literally just rented an office space on one of the floors. Fair enough, I thought, maybe the company is just establishing itself here in WA. Once in, I was amazed at how many people were waiting to be interviewed. I was in a room with about 70 people. The most crappy dance music imaginable was cranking at a wall peeling volume, it was like Ibiza 2003 in there.

    When the music died all these company people in suits went into another room and started banging on the table and hollering, getting psyched up. It was actually scary. They looked like shady businessmen on some kind of amphetamine. They left as a herd.

    I got called in to be interviewed as a joint interview with this other Italian dude. It struck me as weird being interviewed with another candidate but the lady explained it was because of their “high level of applicants” and needing to get through many people fast. That night I got a call saying I got the job and to come back in the morning, in the same business attire.

    I came back the following morning and found that most of the 70 people there yesterday had also all gotten the job. We waited around for a bit then we were told we would be put with a team leader who would “take us out into the field” and to listen to everything the team leader said and ask alot of questions and really embrace it.

    I was put with this charming sociopath who was the type of high school dropout you normally see pushing the fruit and vege trolley at coles. We set up a stall in West Perth and they started harrassing people for money. Then he took me to a quiet cafe and showed me the business model and the unethical selling methods. I realized it was just one big pyramid scheme and that only a small percentage went to the sports affiliation. Then the stall got shut down by police, police came and told them to pack up, that this was the “3rd time this week” and if they were caught illegally soliciting again they would be arrested.

    I told the guy I didn’t want the job and he was really bummed out at me. Of course, because these schemes profit off mass recruitment. When I got home I called surf lifesaving to check if they were associated with this “fundraising sports company” BMJ Global. They had never heard of them. Now I’m thinking the whole thing is a scam. So dodgy. I feel so sorry for people in the street thinking that they are being good people and are just being talked out of their money so that men in offices with bad music can bang on the table and post stupid photos on dodgy webpages of themselves in hotels.

  9. Katie W-D permalink

    DTM MARKETING – had the exact same experience with this company earlier in the year and even worse… IT WAS DOOR KNOCKING. And they don’t tell you it’s this until your first day. I couldn’t get over how annoying and fake everyone was who worked there from the annoying smiles 24/7, small talk, lame jokes and loud music. This post makes me feel extremely better about my awful experience with this lot. Thank you!!

  10. Liz permalink

    I got a call from them today and the first thing they said was congratulations on getting a job with jam. It all seemed a bit too suss. I’m glad I googled them

  11. Joe permalink

    is the DTM Marketing doing the same shit? got a interview tomorrow…….

  12. Kabs permalink

    I’m so happy I read this before going in tomorrow for my first “appointment”.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I recently went to DTM marketing for three days before leaving these annoying over the top pricks knocking on people’s doors pretending they have structure in what they do. 🙂

  14. Lol Appco scammers permalink

    I can tell you hands down that all of these companies are a bunch of pyramid scheme scammers.
    I was an employee for a short time required to recruit people and I left due to the fact I didn’t have it in me to call people for a 100% comision based job and hide everything from them.

    It got to the point where I never called… I just texted (worst employee I know but can you blame me working for a nasty company)

    BMJ, Platnim Sports, Generation Marketing, Jam Prospects – just to name a few

    Not to mention all their sister /brother companies all around australia.

    Desperate money hogging people… Jobs only good for people on a visa desperate for cash to pay their backpackers

    • jon permalink

      If you think these companies are scammers you must be the biggest retard to walk the earth

      • lol jon, get the fuck out of here. you are one brainwashed idiot if you dont think its somewhat a scam. have fun with your $3.50 an hour earnings and 12 hour days annoying the fuck out of struggling pensioners to take their last dollars so you can pass on 5% of the donation to what is most probably not even a real organization.

  15. Claire permalink

    Thank you so much for this post and comments!
    I applied for a job with On Demand Sports through, however at the time of applying there was no specific role advertised and no company name provided. I received a called 3 hours later asking about my availability and offering me an ‘appointment’ tomorrow with the company owner, Owen Duffle. I was obviously excited after looking for a job for some time now.

    I was finding the whole deal a little suspicious though… The girl who called me, Annelie Karssen, sent me an email whilst on the phone to me providing the time and date of the appointment along with a google maps link to the location, in her words “because I am nice”… The photo attached showing the alleyway I needed to walk down to find the place (alarm bells started ringing here), had a photoshopped banner of “On Demand Sports” between the two buildings. I looked on the real google maps street view with no banner to be found. This made me more suspicious.

    I went on to investigate the On Demand Sports website and noticed that there was a lot of writing but it said nothing about what they really did. They used words to make it look like they were telling you about their company but they were really saying nothing. It was also fairly obvious that whoever made the website was terrible at the job, not something you would expect from “One of Australians top Sports Events Companies”. There was terrible grammar throughout every page, and random change of fonts as though the text had been copied and pasted from somewhere else. I looked up the company that Owen Duffle had left before moving to Adelaide, New Mount Sports and found that yes, his bio had been cheaply copied and pasted. Along with Owen Duffle I found Marek Beliniak and several other young looking managers and part owners. Soon after I googled Marek Beliniak and found this delightful webpage.

    Another thing I noticed was that their website linked me to their shitty facebook page. For one of “Australia’s top Sport Events Companies”, you would think they would have more than 259 likes after the years they’ve been active. Something else that stood out was that all of the photos they uploaded was of their staff hanging out having a ball of a time at resorts and award parties. This is the image they’re trying to portray to young people who will get sucked in and brainwashed into thinking these people above them are their Gods. When in reality they are scammers, and absolute fuckwits… well that’s what you get, Marek Beliniak, when you keep your shitty myspace page active with shitty goon sucking photos. Oh and when you have a joke of a youtube page and icon with hilarious skateboard videos. I may not have a range rover like you, Marek Beliniak, but I have pride in being ethical and not turning into one of your brainwashed zombies.

    I’ll be calling tomorrow and cancelling my appointment with the big owner Owen Duffle Fuffle… if only they didn’t have my address and complete history on paper I would be giving them a real piece of my mind.

    I want to thank you so much for saving me my time and my sanity (interviews stress me out, okay?). I hope that scumpanies like this can be brought down and the scum who run them face some repercussion.

    P.S. Here is another review of APPCO Group that I found:

    Hit me up for a real job in Adelaide.


    • Claire permalink

      One other thing that I noticed was that on the On Demand Sports Website under the ‘Company’ tab, there was a bio about Owen Duffle listing his goals and Achievements. What got me was the achievements were super vague, much like the rest of the website. Things listed were:
      2011 Sales excellence
      2011 Leadership excellence
      2011 Team Leader excellence
      Part of New Mount Sports Best New Marketing Company of the year 2011
      2012 Sales excellence
      2012 Leadership excellence
      2012 Team Leader excellence
      Advancement to Assistant Managing Director 2012
      Incorporation to Marketing Company 2012
      Best Owner & Administration Team 2013

      I’m not sure if it’s just me, but these awards don’t make much sense. They’re just a list of things you put on your resume followed by ‘excellence’.

      I also wanted to find out more about my ill advertised position so I clicked on the ‘careers’ tab. Again there was a lot written about nothing much. I clicked the link ‘Click here to learn more about our Business Development Program’ but the link was broken.

      Absolute chumps! I’d love to run into them in the street trying to scam people and give them a good grilling.

    • Michelle permalink

      Good luck getting a job, Claire! When you do and you someday run a successful company you will be qualified to comment on Appco and any company operating in the same fashion. I’d like to see anyone here publish something meaningful on a real site with real peer reviewed references, based on actual facts. Not, neurotic nonsensical blabber by people who will never gain successful careers like some of the people I’ve met who are affiliated with the Appco Group and others like it.

      • Claire permalink

        Fortunately I already have a job, Michelle! I’d like to see you publish something meaningful with real peer reviewed references, based on actual facts also!
        And don’t you worry about me gaining a successful career, Michelle, because as you may have already guessed I decided against pursuing a career with ODS.

      • lol michelle you are one dumbass hoe. this is a fucking A Grade website full of highly regarded Academic Doctors (lazycommercegenius, 2015). the biggest oxymoron in the world is putting successful careers and appco group in the same sentence.

      • Michelle just replying to a site such as this, where you and your idiotic mates have been uncovered for the scum you are, boggles the mind. Michelle if you didn’t post I would have no way of knowing how stupid you are.How the fuck can live with yourself. Please come back to the human race or consider removing yourself from the planet.

  16. Hannah permalink

    I worked for the exact same company, meet Meraek and was on the campaign raising money for the Special Olympics. I was there only one day and made $8 for 9 hours ‘work’ because I struggled to essential scam people out of money. Believing that that $50 they were giving to our Olympians, only a fraction was going there and the rest into the pocket of the people in this pyramid. I’m happy to see that Platinum Sports Promotion no longer have their office in Newcastle.

    Unfortunately my friend now has one of these jobs, door knocking for 6 days a week believing that the extra $200-300 she will be making will change her life. Its ridiculous that they advertise positions like this ‘marketing’. It is not marketing at all!!!

    They tell you there is only a few positions available. BS! You work as your own boss, you don’t for for them at all. You get an ABN and register as a sole trader. If you were working for them they would have to give you a base wage as per the awards.

    These people are able to convince the public that their huge donation is going to a great cause, all 100% of it. So of course when you go in for an interview or talk to anyone in the business they are going to make it sound like the greatest and easiest job in the world.

    There are better more meaningful jobs out there. Don’t waste your time and effort for a job like this. The more people that work at these places and then leave to talk about their experiences hopefully it means that more people will be aware of the scams that occur and not give money to these organisations.

    May 2015

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